ethosIQ means community intelligence, which lies at the heart of our company’s culture and our promise to clients. ethosIQ's vision is to help businesses of any size deliver the best possible customer experience.​
ethosIQ's VISION
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ethosIQ’s cloud and premised-based software has delivered business intelligence to multinational corporations and government agencies since 2009. ethosIQ’s award-winning software collects, correlates and presents data from multiple, disparate systems, empowering organizations to make informed, real-time decisions. ethosIQ software solutions provide analysis and actionable insights that enable enterprise and government organizations to deliver better customer experience while ensuring operational efficiencies and maximizing technology investments. We provide the data that enables decisions in minutes, not days or weeks. 

Increase Efficiency

Improve Support & Service

Maintain Capacity for Growth & Change

Drive Down Operating Cost

Increase Revenue

  1. 1
    Actionable Business Intelligence
    ethosIQ provides customers the ability to see areas that need improvement through customizable dashboards from ethosAnalytics.
  2. 2
    Sourcing Multiple Platforms
    ethosIQ’s trademarked Customer Engagement Platform allows for customers to pull information from a virtually unlimited amount of sources allowing convergence in the disparate data.
  3. 3
    Real-Time Reporting
    ethosIQ process disparate data from multiple platforms in real time to allows customers the ability to see actionable insights in seconds.
  4. 4
    Omnichannel Customer Experience
    ethosIQ continuously adheres to the customer experience by offering support communication and analysis through all mediums in which the consumer would use: text, talk, email, chat, etc.
  5. 5
    Global Compliance
    ethosIQ’s compliance procedures allows customers to monitor various licenses and easily maintain records to ensure global and regional compliance.
  6. 6
    Utility Management
    ethosIQ manages and organizes utility data to deliver areas of improvement for government agencies.
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