Contract Staffing
ethosIQ is a one stop source for all requirements of contract staffing.  With our help, staffing is made easy, without sacrificing quality and competency. Demand for efficient staff members is a contact increase and companies always target to fill their core positions by choosing the candidate meetings the requirements. Our team members provide quick and efficient solutions that match the right skills and to meet the challenges.

The companies who take advantage of contract staffing get the following benefits.
  • An immediate solution to staffing problems
  • Increased productivity for their entire team
  • Extra time for their departments to utilize in other areas
  • Confidence that they are being presented with the best candidate possible
  • Guarantee that if they are not satisfied with candidate, we will find a replacement as quick as possible

​If your projects need immediate resources, count on us for quality and a quick timeline, with no employee-related costs. We offers many solutions for seasonal and cyclic hiring and responds to these requests within 24 hours. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop solution for all your staffing requirements and we can do so with little notice

Job Seekers see the advantage of working with contract staffing. 
Our employees get great benefits from the contract staffing process as they develop the skill sets required for the specific industry. They develop real time know-how of the industry, which will further maximize their chances of getting hired permanently. This also gives them a better chance of getting hired in premium organizations. They understand the real-time working environment and will learn the necessary skills to become indispensable in that specific industry.

At ethosIQ, we do the following to set our candidates up for success.
  • Provide pre-training prior to the contract period
  • Domain based specific training will be imparted before induction
  • Polish and hone existing skills and strengths to keep them competitive
  • Offer feedback from clients to help them build on their experience
  • Prepare for future trends to keep them ahead of the curve

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