Contract To Hire Staffing

Contract To Hire Staffing

Not only can we find the perfect candidate for you, but we can do it within days, instead of the weeks or months most institutions take. Imagine yourself showing up to work on a Monday and the seat that’s been empty for weeks are now filled with a well-qualified employee who has been carefully matched for that position. Think about how much pressure it would take off your hiring managers to know that this candidate meets their expectations. At ethosIQ it can and will be done.

Contract to hire staffing is a fast and flexible solution to get your job filled, without the pain of reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. At ethosIQ, we’ve done the hard work for you; we’ve found the best candidates. Our experience recruiters select and screen these exceptional candidates, match them to the skills, attitude and aperture that you request from us at the beginning of the process.

At ethosIQ, we are not just a staffing company. We have staffing down to the core.

We do the following to set our candidates up for your success.
  • Provide pre-training prior to contract period
  • Domain based specific training
  • Polish and hone existing skills and strengths to keep them competitive
  • Offer feedback from clients to help them build on their experience
  • Prepare for the future trends to keep them ahead of the curve

The companies who take advantage of contract to hire staffing reap the following benefits
  • Tension and stress-free recruitment process
  • Removal of financial risks for their administration
  • Extra time for their departure to utilize in other areas
  • Confidence that they’re being presented with the best possible candidate for their position

Putting quality into our work and having the confidence in our candidates is very important to us. We are certain that you will be happy in our hands.

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