Customer Engagement Platform

Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) collects multichannel interaction and application data - from vendors like Cisco, Avaya, NICE and Aspect - across multiple systems, providing a single, complete data source for ethosAnalytics to access and display information in useful ways. 

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  1. Data collection made easy
    A data collection application that is capable of connecting to a virtually unlimited number of sources. The architecture is designed to allow multiple connections to multiple systems, regardless of manufacturer. A perfect solution for enabling compliance management, fraud detection and preference management.
  2. Single agent ID
    Data collection designed to connect multiple manufactures with products and the associated Agent IDs, transforming the application into a single customized identifier. This feature is typically used by third-party products, such as NICE, a Workforce Management (WFM) provider, reducing the cost of multiple inputs like ACD IDs.
  3. Data correlation
    CEP collects data and creates a unique capability across multiple channels to include voice calls, coupled with kiosk, retail point of sales, handheld devices, web sites, email, chat, and SMS.
  4. Real-time output
    Third-party vendors are not required to make any programing or source code changes. ethosIQ performs all of the heavy lifting while adhering to the manufacturer’s preferred format. This allows the customer to save time on deployment, and also provides huge cost savings and reductions in the deployment and day-two support.