ethosAnalytics leverages data to provide business intelligence to enhance the customer experience and beyond



Top recommended views:
  • Real-time / current day dashboard
  • Queue summary reports
  • Operational costs report
  • Contact answer / abandon report
  • IVR utilization report
  • Metrics by channel report
  • Agent productivity report
  • Agent summary report
  • Agent login/log-out report
  • Cradle to grave report
  • Management call flow report
  • Outbound campaign report
Predictive analytics​​​
Leverage big data for better analysis and insights into your customer retention and customer churn. ethosAnalytics can help preempt the potential loss of a customer by enabling you to automate searches for buried details and trends
  1. Insights impacting customer experience
    Personalized, interactive, management-level dashboards enhance the visibility of organizational strategy and align actions around key performance indicators (KPIs) for quick, accurate and more effective decision making.
  2. Location intelligent mapping
    Gives access to integrated location data and shows trends related to business locations or customer clusters. Spatial and regular data are merged in a wide variety of mapping formats with geographical information systems (GIS) and Web Map Services (WMS).
  3. Mobile display
    Delivers KPIs anywhere and anytime via smartphones and tables, highlighting strategic areas which are of the greatest concern. Provides ability to drive actions through proactive alerts and exceptional reporting for mobile management.
  4. Customization dashboards
    Refine reports by dragging and dropping new data elements onto reports. One-click functions such as table pivot, ranking, filters and the ability to add commonly used calculations helps users better understand reports and more efficiently analyze data.
  5. On-demand reports
    Provides users with the flexibility to request reports at anytime and subscribe to specific reports on a pre-determined, scheduled basis, or automatically when data is refreshed.
  6. Web services integration
    Provides a full range of data access, presentation and information delivery capabilities integrated into any web application portal. Access all functionality through Web services and gain complete control over report listing, processing, modification, viewing and administration.
Real time report
Auto refresh showing the following:
  • Real Time Queue Data
  • Live Agent Activity
  • Historical Queue Summary by Interval Chart
  • Historical Queue Summary by Interval Report Data
Operational cost​
Allows you to assist a value, either percentage or dollar, to each individual activity and each individual agent. This report can include:
  • Paid utilization percentage
  • Login cost
  • Handle time cost
  • Wrap cost
  • Ready-idle time cost
  • Aux cost
  • Paid-x-cost