Migrating premise-based call center to a unified, efficient, best-in-the-industry cloud solution that enables first-class customer experience and loyalty. 


  1. Multi carrier backbone
    The ethoSphere network can withstand everything from the smallest performance issue to a major infrastructure outage, including complete carrier network failures.
  2. Predictive analytics
    More than 95 percent of potential enterprise network and security issues can be diagnosed before they impact network health. The ethoSphere service quickly responds to and re-mediates issues, or avoids them altogether, helping organizations achieve a 5x reduction in network downtime.
  3. Detailed performance
    With class of service (COS) mapping across the MPLS service provider network, multiple applications can run on the network efficiently and simultaneously without causing a performance hit.
  4. Managed services
    ethoSphere provides a single point of contact for expert IT infrastructure design implementation and continuous, proactive monitoring and management worldwide. The online customer portal offers a real-time view and control of the organization's service for order entry, delivery, service management, tracking, reporting and billing.
  5. Implementation
    Organizations can choose the best combination of technologies and partners in accordance with the unique needs of regions around the world.
  6. Multiple access options
    Managed MPLS service offers including DSL, ethernet, leased lines, 3G/4G, satellite and WiMAX, providing significant flexibility to design primary and backup configurations.

Basic Package

Advance or Custom


  • Cloud-ready Architecture
  • Unified Service View
  • Unparalleled Global Reach
  • Predictive Analytics & Management