Fraud & Call Centers


According to market research, the banking and financial services, government and public administration, and manufacturing industries continue to have the greatest number of reported fraud cases. From a loss mitigation perspective, the ability to immediately access fraudulent or malicious contact activity and quickly engage either law enforcement or risk operations teams is critical. With ethosIQ, the time and cost required to manage fraudulent activity can be reduced to seconds or minutes as opposed to days, weeks or months, with no additional costs outside the initial CEP/eA process.

ethosIQ enables customers to reduce loss caps and better connect the dollars that were lost as a result of high operating costs or to offset time investments that did not provide a positive reward or mitigation value. No more having to worry about small losses causing high-dollar losses since they’re significantly easier to track from a contact perspective.
By adding account data to flag contacts immediately accessing the account simply by monitoring for that particular attached data item in a contact scenario . Once the piece of data is captured – which only takes seconds – you can quickly determine who had the contact, how the fraudster was able to reach the contact and account, and proceed with managing the opportunity immediately. 

  1. Malicious call
    Immediately trace call origination and delivery points. When did they call in? Who all did they speak to? What number did they dial? What account was used?
  2. Fraudulent activity
    With search records by the agent, the account and the caller ID, the time we are able to get, not only to the detail of the call, but also can track every point the customer touched through the contact process. Identifying how the caller is getting in, either through dialed numbers and VRUs but if is an internal job, agent transfers, the details are obtainable quickly requiring no outside ticket hunt, search mechanisms, vendor engagement, increased costs, and lost productivity time attempting to determine best guess times of contact.


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