Inbound & Outbound


Effectively managing incoming call workflow can help transform a customer's entire business operation. Inbound voice, customer data, interaction history and business priorities are used to make a real-time contact center.

SIP Server Capabilities
Inbound Capabilities
  • Connection to premise switches.
  • Intelligent routing of incoming voice calls, including business priority routing.
  • Real-time and historical reporting of call data, using CC Pulse+ and ethosAnalytics. 
  • Intelligent routing of inbound video and video calls. 
  • Call queuing, music on hold, announcements, agent greetings, call supervision. 
  • Control and monitoring of SIP endpoints, including extension to branch offices or home agents. 
  • Instant messaging among agents. 
  • Seamless integration with other IP components - GVP andoutbound.
  • Real time and historical reporting of call data and statistics. 
  • High scalability using network SIP Server to provide load balancing between multiple instances of the SIP Server application.
  • Provide DTMF digit collection


Chat provides real-time, live assistance to Web customers, offering a host of advantages that include enabling agents to proactively invite customers to chat or be reactive to sessions initiated by customers.

Outbound Capabilities
  • Visibility of contact profile and Interaction history of simultaneous conversions across multiple channels. 
  • Effective agent response integrates with agent scripting and customer interaction recording to enhance agent response, answer effectiveness and efficiency; and integrate standard response library available for any channel interaction. 
  • Supervisory functions provide the ability for whisper coaching, barging, conferencing, real-time consultation and team communication. 
  • Manage changing contact center conditions via real-time statistics on agent-specific key performance indicators, group-specific KPIs and contact center KPIs 
  • Preference Manager
  • TCPA compliance
  • Call blending (when purchased with CIM Platform + Inbound/Network Voice.)
  • Connection to premise switches. 
  • Real-time and historical reporting of call data - reporting templates, designed for outbound functions. 
  • Three dialing modes; preview, progressive and predictive dialing. 
  • Import and manipulation of calling lists.