Omnichannel Customer Experience

ethosIQ allows organizations to utilize multiple channels for communication support and analysis to enhance the customer experience




SMS enables a customer service organization to add text messaging as a communications and support channel for attracting and retaining customers, at a lower cost than traditional channels. 

Chat provides real-time, live assistance to Web customers, offering a host of advantages that include enabling agents to proactively invite customers to chat or be reactive to sessions initiated by customers.

Email enables CSRs or contact center agents to track, manage and respond to customer email inquiries with the same service. 

System Capabilities
Sales and Service Capabilities
  • Auto acknowledge
  • Auto response
  • Suggested response
  • Screening and content analysis Push and (Workbin) Distribution.
  • Customer service representative can manage multiple chat sessions simultaneously and select pre-defined responses from Knowledge Base.
  • Standard chat allows multiple simultaneous interactions per CSR.
  • Transfer chat sessions to another CSR, back to the queue or supervisor
  • Supervisor can n ow conference with CSRs, silently monitoring active chat sessions. 
  • A web-API controls the appearance of the customer's interface. 
  • Call back scheduling
  • Credit card payment
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Emergency notification
  • Employee communications
  • Event notification
  • Fraud notification
  • Help desk
  • Human resources
Agent Capabilities
  • Collaborative email
  • Transfer email
  • Spell check, add custom words
  • HTML email editor
  • Support attachment, interim reply, QA review, forward/make new email
  • Item ready for pick-up
  • Loyalty programs
  • Past due payments
  • Password reset
  • Reminders
  • Roll call system
  • Technical dispatch
  • WFM absentee notification
Management Capabilities
  • Real time displays
  • Integrated reporting
  • Queue management
  • Real-time text-based interactions are provided.
  • Dynamic invitation is enabled.
  • A web survey after session ends.
  • Transcripts of sessions are saved and can be emailed to customer. 
  • Customers are informed of agent availability.
  • Customer-displayed messages during queue time.