Professional Services

At ethosIQ, we help businesses assess their needs and determine a strategic path to achieve corporate goals. Together, we work to create services that deliver the right solutions.

  1. Contact Center Cloud Migration
    A practical reference to help your customers analyze and consider application migration to cloud computing. Presented as a comprehensive customized summary of proposed actions, along with guidance and strategies that takes businesses’ financial and technical requirements into consideration.
  2. Customer Care Optimization
    Provides a high-level overview of the customer experience against best practices, identifies gap improvements to reduce cost and improve efficiency and consistency.
  3. Contact Center Architecture
    Evaluate the technology architectures serving the contact center to identify issues and gaps to improve performance and reliability.
  4. Staff Augmentation
    Whether you need resources for gap filling or projects, ethosIQ has amassed a database of over 7,000 technical resources globally.
  5. Software License Audit
    Evaluate call center vendor license and usage requirements to protect customers from paying for defunct or incorrect licenses. ethosIQ will collect a comprehensive inventory of current licenses and align them with the utilization of the customer care environment.